What can a chemical intermediate do?
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Fine chemicals, dyes and pesticides into coatings, pigments, reagents and high purity materials, information chemicals, food and feed additives, adhesives, catalysts and additives, a kind of chemical medicine and daily chemicals, polymer functional polymer and 11 categories. China the raw material for the production of more than 11 categories of fine chemicals and the intermediate body are called chemical intermediates.

There are many kinds of chemical intermediates, I do not know the landlord refers to what kind of?

Such as pesticide intermediates in fine chemicals, "two ethyl acetate (DFEAc)" is used as a catalyst for pharmaceutical, pesticide intermediates, cyclization, oxidation and halogenation reactions.

There are many other fine chemicals, such as perfluoroalkyl thiol series, used in the production of synthetic rubber as polymerization regulators and vulcanizing regulators, but also with rubber additives, pharmaceuticals, dyes, pesticides production. Can also be used as surfactant and resin stabilizer, intermediates and so on.

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